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A Voyage to the Mediterranean

A Voyage to the Mediterranean

It isn’t a blaring alarm that wakes you, but the light, streaming in through the open window. You stretch, feeling the simple pleasure of fresh, clean sheets against warm skin, limbs still heavy from sleep.

Padding barefoot across the room your eyes are momentarily dazzled by the view. Blue sea meets blue sky until it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. A warm breeze drifts through the window, bringing with it the unique aromas of the Mediterranean. Salty sea air mixes with citrus, lavender, and a faint scent of pine from the distant mountains.

You hear the slap of your sandalled feet on ancient cobbles as you make your way towards the waterfront. The town is still sleepy in the early morning haze, but you hear murmured voices from secluded courtyards as you pass by.

At a café by the water, a waiter brings you warm pastries, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a cup of expertly brewed coffee. You eat slowly, savouring the food and the mingled scents of geraniums and roses growing nearby.

As you linger over breakfast, the town is waking up. Locals pass by, exchanging smiles and greetings as they go. The streets grow busier, but the pace is still relaxed. There is no need for anyone to rush on such a beautiful morning.

Finishing your meal, you walk along the waterfront, hearing the voices of the fishermen as they bring in the morning catch. The scent of the sea is stronger now and it mixes with the smell of sun-warmed stone as you amble slowly along. You hear the gentle song of the water as it laps against the promenade.

The sun’s heat is growing stronger, so you retreat further into the town. The narrow streets are shady and cool, a welcome relief from the bright sparkle of the sun on the sea. As you climb away from the water, you encounter a passageway, which leads you out into a cobbled square.

Arched walkways provide cover from the sun and the ancient stone keeps the air cool as you explore the square. Its history is evident in every step you take, but it is clear this is a place that is very much still used and loved. Locals and tourists alike relax under awnings outside cafés, enjoying their mid-morning coffee.

Later you rent a car and drive inland, following the winding road until you come to a secluded farmhouse restaurant. You sit on the terrace, hearing the buzz of insects and chirping birds. The food is simple but delicious, made with fresh, local produce. Vine-ripened tomatoes garnished with basil burst on your tongue. Creamy local cheeses are served with honey-sweet figs and juicy grapes

You savour every bite. The afternoon gives way to a sleepy heat, which brings out the aromas of the herbs growing nearby. Rosemary, thyme, and lemon verbena scent the air.

The hottest part of the day is approaching. Following the wisdom of the locals, you retreat to your room for a siesta. The gentle breeze brings you the scent and sound of the sea as you relax with a book.

As evening comes, you can hear the town waking back up. Locals are returning from work and enjoying an evening stroll along the waterfront. The fragrant scent of jasmine fills the air as you step back out into the street.

The sun is setting but it is still warm. Restaurants and bars light the streets as tables start to fill with diners. Laughter and joyous conversation spill from every doorway.

You meet friends and claim a table on the side of a cobbled street, candles lending their light to your meal. You talk and share the day’s adventures, the meal stretching on for hours as you enjoy one another’s company.

Later, on your way back to your room, you pass an ice cream parlour, still open. The choice is vast, but you claim a single scoop of sorbet. The refreshing coolness melts on your tongue, the perfect end to a sun-filled day.

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